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BE the Music!

Think about how humans experienced music before the advent of the gramophone (phonograph): if we wanted to hear music, we had to actively make it. Maybe that meant playing an instrument ourselves or just gathering the whole family around to sing songs. Fast forward 130+ years and much of how we experience music today is passive. For example, we listen to songs on an mp3 player or on the radio. For many of us, gathering the family around to sing songs together just doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

crescendo family music is all about Music, Family, and Community – and putting all three together. We started with the idea that families deserve a way to bond together, enjoy music as a family, and more importantly allow our kids to experience music making with other families. Our logo is a crescendo symbol from music depicted by a seedling growing. We feel that symbolizes exactly what we are trying to do: grow. All children are musical, and we want to grow their musical aptitude by introducing them to music in a fun and nurturing environment, complemented with growing the bond between them and the adults who love them. We love Music. We love Family. We love our local Community. crescendo brings all three together in a fun and loving environment.

About Music Together®

Music Together® is a beloved early childhood music and movement program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability? Experience Music Together and find out how important–and how fun–your role can be!

Our Music Together classes build on your child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement. We’ll help you provide your child with the basic musical skills needed to enjoy school and social musical activities, and to study an instrument should he or she choose to do so.

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