lullaby workshops

For many of us, the songs we may remember most as adults are often the lullabies that were lovingly sang to us as children. These songs helped create the special bond we had with our parents and caregivers. For expectant parents or the parents of a young child, what better way to connect with their child than through song? 

Our free lullaby workshops have been designed for parents and caregivers of young children and expectant parents to introduce them to the many ways in which lullabies are so important for children’s development. It will also provide them with the chance to learn new lullabies and revisit familiar ones, and give them new ways to share these songs with their children and families. 

If you are an expectant mom, in a moms group, run a day care with an infant program, run the newborn section of a hospital and are interested in giving the gift of music to families of young children, CONTACT US and we can discuss setting one up. These are typically free unless a regular schedule is desired (i.e.: hospital wanting to offer it monthly, etc.).

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